December 3 – 4, 2019 – Kunming 4th Annual International Friendship-City Seminar on the theme of Education

A group of educators visit Kunming in October 2019, which led to Kunming inviting Ms. Suzanne Gorman, Head of High School from St. Francis School, and Mr. Terrill Martin, President/CEO of BG Education Management Solutions to Kunming to give speeches. Ms. Suzanne Gorman was invited as a “Keynote” speaker of the conference, where she spoke on the following topic “Preparaing the Global Leaders of Tomorrow.” St. Francis is already a school, which encourages students to go abroad, and to take a foreign language. She cited an article from U.S. News and World Report, which stated the following:

  • “Tomorrow’s leaders must be able to compete, work, and thrive in a globalized world with diverse, multilingual consumers and economies, in which China and the U.S. will continue to be major players. By offeng American students early education opportunities to learn Mandarin, we can prepae them for careers in a world and workplace in which our countries’ bilaterial ties polay a consequential role.”

Next, Mr. Terrill Martin gave a speech at the afternoon breakout session on “Primary and Secondary Education,” in which he shared his views on “How to Develop Effective International Program.” He shared how BGEMS has helped organizations in both China and the U.S. to include an international component in their curriculum and educational philosophies. More information can be found at the following link:

Upon the conclusion of the program, BGEMS and St. Francis was invited to visit over 4 schools in Kunming who were very interested in developing a partnership with our organizations. The group made site visits before their departure back to the U.S.