Curriculum Development

A curriculum consists of several individualized processes, and steps geared toward guiding your organization to success.   Overall, a curriculum is the outline of concepts to be taught to students to help them meet the content standards.

Cultural Exchange Programs

BGEMS believes that the easiest way to broaden one’s perspective is through a hands-on approach.  We specialize in providing opportunities for individuals to flourish, in and outside of the classroom through a curriculum-based study abroad.  Please see the proposal below.

Program Management

BGEMS has more than 20 years of operations management experiencethus, BGEMS can help with running programs or organizations.  The specific areas of expertise are in education, community engagement programs, specific events.

Teacher Training

BGEMS has more than 10-years of high-quality teacher development.  We can help with recruiting and screening teacher candidates and providing teachers with a State Issued Certificate, and possess a minimum of a bachelors degree.  Please see the proposals below:

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